Mike Haggar

Lee Bolton




• 25 years, France, region parisienne

I'm a frenchie boy, who got involded in emulation a few years ago in 1995. I heard someone on the radio saying it was possible to run snes games on my computer and i wanted to verify that. At that time snes emulation was very basic, we were happy to see zelda running with not all the background layers enable at the same time (try playing with no background in dungeon, can be quite funnny ^_^).

The french emulation scene was begining and some of you might remember Tibo's House and Tibo's radio, which were two site on emulation i was managing at that time...Mostly talking about Nintendo emulation as i am a Nintendo fan, even after the N64 ;)

After managing those site for 2-3 years, I couldn't find enought time to continue dealing with everything, so I became a member of EmuForce for 2-3 years. When [D]J (owner of EmuForce) changed the site to make it open to anyone who wanted to post news, I decide to quit the team, cause my job as a news poster has become useless.

That's how I ended working woth SirJaguar on Consolemul as a news poster, and that's what i'm still doing right now, along with maintening the irc channel on Newnet, where I idle to much, and collecting roms.

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