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Age: 29 years old

Birthdate: 04/07/1972

I got a first class honours degree in Computing at Loughborough University (1990-1994) and I currently work as a technical architect/consultant for a company that specialises in large data warehousing solutions.
My main hobby is windsurfing but I also do a bit of rock climbing from time to time. Oh, and I play on my computer now and then too. ;)

My main contributions to 'the Scene' are CAESAR (which is the main reason for me creating the best dats I can for every emulator released) and the various MAME helper tools that I have created (DatUtil, MAMEDiff, ROMBuild, ZIPIdent, ROMInfo).

I have written a few guides such as compiling MAME/RAINE and all about creation of dats too.

I am a member of the RAINE team (although sadly it is quite inactive nowadays), mainly responsible for the ROM related work but also done graphical and sound fixes for some drivers. Several emulators have ClrMamePro/RomCenter dat generators within them which were written by me (FinalBurn, FinalBurn Alpha, ACE) and I have also made submissions to MAME, Nebula, Calice and various other emulators.

I am happy to support emulator authors where I can and one example of this was helping Mike Beaver add ZIP support to Mimic.

Some people ask me why I have not written my own emulator and the answer is that I did, a long time ago! However, I wrote it in 1988 (at the age of 16) and simply do not have the time to write a new emulator nowadays (the easy arcade systems have all been done and I am not one to re-invent the wheel).
I find windsurfing and partying much more of a fun way to spend my spare time anyway!

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